Pickup Schedules and Services

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The City of Lancaster picks up residential garbage and trash Monday through Thursday for once-a-week pickup service.  Click here for more information.

The city offers a backyard garbage pickup service for elderly (over 75 years of age) and disabled citizens.  Call 803-286-8471 to apply for this service or click here to download an application.


Commercial garbage is picked up at City businesses five days a week.  Cal 803-286-8471 for container information and rates.

Knuckle Boom trash pickup is available.  Collection of these items will be the same as your regularly scheduled trash collection days.  Tree limbs, cutting, shrubbery and other similar trash may be placed within 10 feet of a mailbox, paper box, post, tree, or similar obstacle.  Tree trunk and limbs less than 8 inches in diameter must be reduced to  length of less than 48 inches.  Tree trunks and limbs 8 iches in diameter or larger must be reduced to a length of less than 24 inches.

The special leaf collection season will normally run from mid-November through mid-March each year, with collection on regularly scheduled trash collection days.  All leaves placed at curbside for pickup must be separated from all other material and placed so the collection tube on the truck will not be obstructed by a mailbox, paper box, post, tree or similar obstacle.  Leaves need to be at least ten feet from an obstruction.

Once leaf collection season has ended, leaves may be continued to be picked up if they are bagged.  Bagged leaves will be picked up on regularly scheduled trash collection days.

During summer months, rights of way are cut on designated streets.

The City of Lancaster will rent to businesses and contractors a roll off open top container for large jobs that require more than a normal garbage container.  Charges are based on tons and a weekly rental fee is charged based on container size.  Interested parties must complete an application and purchase required building permits and business license before delivery of container.  Click here to download an application for a construction dumpster.

Sway cars are offered to City residents to use once a month at no fee for household cleanup projects. Sway cars are available only on weekends and are allocated on a first come first serve basis. Come by the Solid Waste office at 1309 Lynwood Drive to fill out the appropriate form or click here to download.

If you have questions about any of these services, please call 803-286-8471.