Newcomer Information


Welcome to the Red Rose City!  We are happy that you have chosen to become a Lancastrian.  Whether you moved here from another part of the state, another part of the country, or another part of the world, we are sure that you will look back on this move as one of the best things to ever happen in your life.


In the gesture of good ole’ southern hospitality, allow us to tell you about a few things you’ll need to know and a few things you’ll need to take care of as a newcomer to our area:


1.      Government

a.       The first thing you need to do is register to vote in Lancaster.  The Lancaster County Voter Registration Office is located in the Lancaster County Administration Building at 101 North Main Street.  You must be a legal resident of South Carolina and 18 years old to register.  You cannot vote in an election if you registered less than 30 days prior to the election.  For more information, visit the Voter Registration website at

b.      Here is information on our elected officials: 

                                                  i.      Federal - Please click on the Our City page then click on City Related sites to go to the web pages for United States Senators Lindsey Graham or Jim DeMint and United States Congressman John Spratt. 

                                                ii.      State - Our State Senator is J. Michael “Mick” Mulvaney (R) (State Senate District 16).  The City of Lancaster is split between two State House of Representative districts, Jimmy Neal (D) in District 44 and Deborah A. Long (R) in District 45.  Go to the City Related Sites page and click on the SC Government Web Portal link to learn more about state government. 

                                              iii.      County - The City of Lancaster is also split between two County Council Districts; Councilwoman Charlene McGriff in District 2 and Councilman Larry Honeycutt in District 4.  Go to the City Related Sites page and click on the Lancaster County link to visit our County Government website. 

                                              iv.      City - Information about your Mayor and City Council can be found in the Government section of this website.

c.       There are also a number of other elected County officials, ranging from Auditor to Sheriff.  You can find more information about them on the County website at

2.      Driver’s Licenses and Motor Vehicle Tags:

a.       Let’s start with getting tags for your vehicles, since you only have 45 days after moving here to get your tags.  Please be sure to take the proper information and documents.  If you do not have the proper documentation, they will let you know what you need.  Here is the website that tells you exactly what you need to get your vehicle registered in South Carolina:

b.      You have 90 days to get your South Carolina driver’s license once you have moved to the Palmetto State.  Here is the DMV website that provides information on getting your driver’s license:

c.       The local DMV office is located at 1694 Pageland (SC 9) Highway and the telephone number is 803.286.4859.

3.      Utilities:

a.       The City of Lancaster provides water and sewer services in the city and the surrounding area.  The Lancaster County Water and Sewer District provides these services in the outlying areas.  Information on starting water and sewer service is found in the City Services section of this website.

b.      Electricity – Duke Power provides electrical service to the city and surrounding areas.  The web site to get information on starting your electrical service is:

c.       Telephone and Cable – Comporium (pronounced Com-po-ri-um, not Comp-o-rium) Communications provides telephone and cable service in the City of Lancaster and most of Lancaster County.  Their website is or you can call them at 803.283.9011.  Their office is located at 703 N White Street.

d.      Natural Gas – the Lancaster County Natural Gas Authority provides natural gas services for Lancaster County.  You can visit their website at or you can call them at 803.285.2045.  Their office is located at 1010 Kershaw Camden Hwy.

4.      Schools:

a.       The Lancaster County School District covers all of Lancaster County.  There are four high schools in the county, Andrew Jackson, Buford, Indian Land, and Lancaster, as well as a number of fine elementary and middle schools.  The District Office is located at 300 South Catawba Street in Lancaster and their telephone number is 803. 286.6972. The website for the school district is and all school websites can be accessed from this central site.

b.      USC Lancaster is the regional campus of the University of South Carolina.  Located at 476 Hubbard Drive, the campus boasts outstanding facilities.  The USCL website is and the main telephone number is 803.313.7000.

c.       Carolina Christian Academy is a private church school (K-12) located just south of the Lancaster city limits.  Located at 1850 Kershaw-Camden Highway, their website is and their telephone number is 803.285-5565.

d.      Faith Christian School is a private church school (K-7) located seven miles from the City of Lancaster.  Located at 4695 J.B. Denton Road, their telephone number is 803.286.5444.

5.      Other Sites of Interest:

a.       US Post Office – located at 501 North Main Street, the US Post Office can handle your postal needs.  Their office hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday and 8:00 am to 12:00 noon on Saturday.  You can drop off mail anytime in the lobby or outside drop boxes.

b.      County Library – located at 313 South White Street, the Lancaster County Library has a world of information at your fingertips.  You can visit their website at Their telephone number is 803.285.1502. The Medford Library, located on the USC-L Campus has the following website address:

c.       Recreation:

                                                  i.      State Parks – Andrew Jackson State Park is the birthplace of our seventh President and is located just eight miles north of the City of Lancaster on US Highway 521 North.  You can call them – 803.285.3344 - or you can visit their website at  Landsford Canal State Park borders Lancaster, but the entrance is off US Highway 21 in Chester County.  Landsford Canal is home to the world’s largest population of the world famous Rocky Shoal Spider Lilies.

                                                ii.      County Recreation – The Lancaster County Recreation Commission operates a number of parks and facilities throughout the county.  Their website is and their telephone number is 803.285.5545.  The “home office” of the Recreation Department is located in the Springdale Recreation Complex, which is located at 260 South Plantation Road in the City of Lancaster.

                                              iii.      The Leroy Springs Golf Course is located at 1840 Springs Club Road, just south of the City of Lancaster.  Their website is and their telephone number is 803.416.4500.

                                              iv.      The Lancaster and Chester Railway Museum is located at the L&C Depot, 512 South Main Street.  The L&C Railway provides freight railroading services in Lancaster and Chester counties, with direct connections to both the Norfolk Southern Railroad and the CSX Railroad.  It also has some unusual side operations including luxury rail car charters and private rail car restoration services.  The museum’s phone number is 803.286.2100 (Lancaster Depot/ Railroad General Office) or you can visit their website at

                                                v.      Catawba River – The Catawba is part of a chain of lakes and rivers operated by Duke Power Company.  For information on the Catawba chain of lakes and the river, visit


We hope that you have found this information useful.  If you think of additional information that would be helpful to newcomers, please contact us at 803-286-8414 or visit our website at